Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brooklyn, New York - 2009 I Love to Read Book Fair 2009 Early Author Registration & Live Taping by Basha Riddick at February 2009 Book Fair

Brooklyn, New York - 2009 I Love to Read Book Fair 2009 Early Author Registration & Live Taping by Basha Riddick at February 2009 Book Fair

Visit http://www.thebashariddickshow.4t.com and click on registration link to register for the 2009 I Love to Read Book Fair.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Queens Book Fair announces final author sign up and registration for 2008 Queens Book Fair

Queens, New York - Queens Book Fair announces final author sign up and registration for 2008 Queens Book Fair. Due to increasing demand for the 2008 Queens Book Fair Committee opening up final Author registration for the upcoming book fair which will be held on August 30, 2008. The 2008 Queens Book Fair is anticipated to attract hundreds of people to NYC, and Piper and Rogers were counting on the event to introduce some writers to a bigger audience than they've ever enjoyed. The 4th Annual Queens Book Fair will be held on August 30, 2008 at the Jamaica Market Harvest Room located at 90-40 160th Street, Jamaica, NY 11434. Visit www.queensbookfair.com for complete registration details and follow our EZ registration procedures.

Queens Book Fair Testimonials:

"It was packed in 2005, and 2006 was well attended " Rogers said. "And I was shocked. It was rainy and we didn't think people would show up. But they still came out."

About C & B Books Founders of Queens Book Fair:

To some degree, the women are all about taking chances. They started their book business almost by accident a decade ago, while selling gift baskets and floral arrangements at the St. Nicholas of Tolentine Flea Market in Jamaica.

They began bringing used books from their own collections to sell at the market, selling out each week. A frequent customer soon asked if the pair could get their hands on books by other African-American authors.

"She asked how soon we could get them, and I said we'd have them for her the next Saturday," Rogers said. "And I thought, 'I don't know how I'm going to get these, but I'm going to find out.'"

Rogers, 44, not only supplied the requested books, but soon found herself fielding requests for work by other black writers. Within weeks, she and Piper were visiting distributor warehouses that stacked dozens of titles from tiny imprints around the country.

By 2001, the women sensed a revolution stirring in the African-American literary community. Sister Souljah's 1999 cautionary coming-of age novel "The Coldest Winter Ever" had reinvigorated an urban-literature market that had hibernated for decades, provoking a new generation of black writers to eschew the mythic glamour of drugs and violence.

Other genres took shape around the same time, including revenge melodramas, romance thrillers and inspirational memoirs about overcoming abuse, addiction and lives of crime.

"It's a whole industry booming within an industry," said Angela Wallace, whose self-published novel, "Secret Dramas," earned acclaim for its unique hybrid of soap opera and mob intrigue. "[Writers] are implementing their own imprints. As a result of that, they're bringing other black authors in under their umbrella. I think mainstream publishing is noticing that."

Amid this resurgence, Piper and Rogers established their own tiny umbrella on the Internet in 2002. C&B Books Distribution eventually opened a kiosk at Jamaica Market in October and introduced its newest location in a compact corner store in Flushing in January.

The partners built their stock through consignment deals with self-published authors, advising writers through labor-intensive processes such as mission statements, cover design, press releases and book signings.

While she tirelessly provides encouragement and advice, Piper, 53, insists that no book will sell without its author's own follow-through.

"They have to be willing to get out," she said. "They can't just drop their book at the store and expect the stores to sell their book. We have our own business to run."

But the women treat the Queens Book Fair like a community service as much as they do a business endeavor.

The event, which offered seminars and workshops for published and unpublished writers alike, kicked off with a networking breakfast to help forge partnerships in New York's independent literary scene. Readers had the chance to meet and solicit advice from their favorite authors, as well.

"Harlem and Brooklyn, they already have their recognition - even the Bronx," Piper said. "Queens was very low-key, and it's just starting to blossom.

Addittional Queens Book Fair Testimonials:

" The fair was very nice! I met some wonderful authors and walked away with a bag full of info on good books! They even had free food! As soon as I heard the announcer say free and food...LOL

Wanda D. Hudson Coming Soon - Wait For Love: A Black Girl's Story It's a Woman's World - www.extasybooks.com http://wandasway.blogspot.com

The word is out. A listener spotted Guilty Pleasures at the Queens Book Fair. She enjoyed the interview and purchased two copies of my novel. Thanks again for providing yet another platform for striving authors. ~Sonya Harris - Guilty Pleasures Books never go out of style!

Very nice artical written up on you in Newsday. Thank you for throwing such a wonderful event and also for you commitment to the self-published authors. Nathaniel Portis Things In Between

Congratulations Carol & Brenda on your vision to host the Queens Book Fair and for being dedicated to assisting black authors, readers and lovers of the written word. When I say, "It is a blessing to have people like you in the literary community," I mean it from the center of my soul! I can't wait to come next year! Yasmin Shiraz www.yasminshiraz.net

Self-published authors from around the country are anticipated to participate in the upcoming Queens Book Fair 2008.

Authors are encouraged to register early.

Last year the Queens Book Fair was filled to capacity and we anticipate another great year for the Queens Book Fair.

Authors may log on to www.queensbookfair.com today and complete our EZ registration procedures to participate in the 2008 Queens Book Fair.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Endless Referrals Live with Bob Burg May 15, 2008 at the Holiday Inn JFK

Endless Referrals Live with Bob Burg May 15, 2008 at the Holiday Inn JFK

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

To Register log on to http://www.endlessreferralslive.com/

Event Hosted by DaySpring Life Options

Contact: Florence Callender



Bob Burg teaches companies and individuals how to apply and perfect two skills dramatically important to personal and professional success. These are Business Networking and Positive Persuasion Skills. He has earned acclaim for delivering his programs in an entertaining style, while providing information that is hard hitting, immediately applicable, and most of all...profitable!

Bob Burg regularly appears on the motivational rally circuit featuring speaking legends such as Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, CNN's Larry King, Dr. Denis Waitley, Mary Lou Retton, Coach Lou Holtz, Radio Legend Paul Harvey, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, former U.S. President Gerald Ford and many others.

Bob's articles have been published internationally in hundreds of professional and trade magazines. His books are used by both individuals and companies to gain important interpersonal skills neccessary for success!

WINNING WITHOUT INTIMIDATION How To Master The Art Of Positive PersuasionThe book everyone is talking about. Imagine yourself expertly handling life's daily challenges, conflicts, and stress while garnering the good feelings and cooperation of everyone involved. Increase sales, improve family and personal relationships and increase your confidence by learning how to master the art of positive persuasion in today's real world.

ENDLESS REFERRALS Network Your Everyday Contacts Into SalesIn this newly revised version of Bob's bestselling book (over 100,000 copies sold!), he updates many of the principles and techniques that resulted in ENDLESS REFERRALS becoming an underground hit within numerous niche sales industries such as network marketing, and insurance, and a staple for salespeople new and veteran everywhere.

THE SUCCESS FORMULA Three Timeless Principles That Will Turbocharge Your SuccessAnd Dramatically Improve Your Life.

In this easy-to-read little booklet, which is destined tobecome a classic, you'll discover how three vital principlescan help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Read it(twice!), then share it with everyone you know.

Bob believes in the free enterprise system, and puts his business success skills to use for charities as well, having been named the 1994 Palm Beach County - Leukemia Society Man of the Year for his fund raising efforts.

His background includes Television News Anchor, Salesman and Sales Manager, and in his "younger days", a New England A.A.U. and Golden Gloves Boxing Champion.Bob is a proud member of the National Speakers Association.

To register log on to www.endlessreferralslive.com or contact Florence Callender (516) 209-7347 or email us at flocal@optonline.net